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We're going live!

Website news

After just a couple months getting used to the new pages, we are going live! We don't have all our pictures done. We don't have every single item we have on the web yet, but we have more than doubled the number of items we have available on the web already! It is exciting, and we hope it goes well. Let us know what works, and what doesn't. In time we will have it all right for everyone. Thanks for staying with us.

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First post: Moving to Shopify!

Change Moving Shopify

Today we begin moving our site of 17 years over to Shopify. It's exciting as we've been hard-coding all our own webpages for so long. After searching for a solution to our desires to reach more people and build a more interactive site, Shopify was the right partner for our future growth. We hope our customers find it easier, and more interesting to visit. 

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