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This article was just published about our business.  Please check it out: A Tale of the Twins & Polish Pottery

MOUNT AIRY — Twins Polish Pottery LLC is twin owned and  operated for over a decade. It is our mission to offer the lowest possible prices and best personal service. We truly love our customers and believe in what we do. Proverbs 3:5. Although it’s hard to tell them apart, Jenny Puckett says her twin sister, Holly Trevino, is “the determined one. When she gets an idea in her head, she’s very stubborn and won’t let it go.” It's that trait that brought the two sisters from operating their Twins Polish Pottery business out of Puckett’s garage in Bowie to their well-stocked Twins Polish Pottery Warehouse in their “twinplex” overlooking the rolling pastures and vineyards of eastern Frederick County."





The twin sisters had gradually grown their business and their families through the years. Finally, in late 2005, they were literally bursting at the seams. “We had 150 people come to a pottery open house in Jenny’s Bowie garage. There was so much traffic that the city finally clamped down on our business,” said Trevino. “At first we thought it was the end of the world, but actually, it was a blessing.”

The twins knew they had to move their business, so Trevino turned her sights to Frederick County. What Trevino and Puckett eventually found was more than a lush sprawl of land west of Mount Airy next to Black Ankle Vineyards — it was a dream come true. The sisters designed a “twinplex,” and their husbands, James and Jesse, served as the general contractors. Although from the outside it looks like one large farm house, it’s actually home to both families.

Twins Polish Pottery has several outlets across Maryland the real goal of the sisters is to grow their 16-year-old business from their website, home-based business, which, together with the warehouse area, covers the lower level of their twinplex.

It’s a realistic goal, given that devotees of Polish Pottery will drive three or four hours for hands-on browsing, shopping and buying the legendary pottery that is rich in history, quality and durability. Whether a vase, bowl, baking pan or dishes, Polish Pottery is truly unique. It is made by the hands of artisans only made in the town of Boleslawiec, Poland. The original Boleslaweic ceramics were all hand decorated with the famous “eye spot” decoration and the letter “B” printed on the bottom of each piece. Since then, many other patterns have been developed, and special patterns, such as holiday themes, are introduced from time to time. The original artists used frozen potatoes and their fingers to create the designs in the 17th and 18th centuries, and even today they are hand punched (or stamped) using foam or rubber. But in spite of the traditional techniques, the pottery meets the challenges of today’s technology, they are oven, microwave and dishwasher safe and lead and cadmium free.

It was the twin sisters’ desire to stay close to each other that spawned the first seeds for their enterprise. While Jenny was at Texas A & M University earning a degree in animal science, Holly was in the Army, stationed in Hohenfels, Germany. The young women each carefully saved whatever they could so that Jenny could travel to Germany on breaks and over holidays to visit her twin sister.

On some of those trips, the sisters drove to Boleslawiec to shop for the famous pottery. “I knew about the pottery from the Army wives. They would load buses full to make the six-hour trip. There were some very serious collectors, and they kept coming back to buy,” says Trevino. For Holly and Jenny, their business twin-partnership and their families all blend together. It’s like the kids have two moms,” says Puckett. 

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